Charlie Battery Reunion
Key West, Florida
July 2000

We are back, lets get this party started! 

Catching up on old times. We just picked up where we left off 30 years ago.

Bob Marc-Aurel even tried to convince us he could still fit in his old uniform...not!

We spent a lot of time in the pool during the day...

We also spent a lot of time in the pool at night !

We were all pleasantly surprised when our old Battery Commander, Nick Prncipe showed up. He was only able to attend for one day, but what a way to kick off the reunion.

Another highlight was to be able to return to the Tac site.

The Navy arrived to let us in, but couldn't figure out the combination to the lock. So in true Charlie Battery tradition, we just crawled through a hole in the fence.

Walking through our past, and it felt like it was just yesterday that we were pulling duty in this same spot.

Neglected and showing the ravishes of time. Oh, I am not talking about the ready building, I was talking about us!

Lt Rhyne (LT then, COL now) got us to stand one last formation at Charlie Battery. OK, we are not the sharpest looking outfit in this man's army, but we were proud to be back together.

Home again. Visiting our old barracks on the NAS.

More beer and food at the Geiger Key Marina


Grilling burgers at the beach party

Dancing the night away...not bad for a bunch of old guys

Sunset cruise in the harbor (yep, more beer)

To me this picture sums up the reunion. Old friends back together, drinking beer out of canteen cups. It don't get no better than this!!!

So, was that the end of the story??
No way...

Mardi Gras Reunion in Lake Charles, Louisiana
February 2001

(back row) Steve Spray, Roger Robinson, Danny Layton (front row) GW Rogers, Geoff Gooley, Doug Christion, Jim Powell, Dale Harry, Wes Guidry (Lt. Ed Bayne arrived the next day)

Caribbean Cruise June 2002

Dale & Sandy Harry, Jerry & Lynn Rhyne, Roger & Kathy Robinson, Wes & Judy Guidry, Doug & Pat Christion, Lonnie & Gloria Johnson 

The 2004 reunion held in Key West is now a part of history. It was a GREAT SUCCESS!! Click on the logo to see photos, comments and news of the reunion.

Also see a great reunion page by Lowell St.Cyr at

2006 All HAWK Reunion - Key West, FL

Miami Hereald

Key West Citizen

The Keynoter

Southermost Flyer

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