Original Paintings

Many years ago I took an art course in high school, but really didn't learn very much. Then through the years continued to develop what talent I had on my own. Somewhere around 1980 I began learning the skill of sign painting, which I followed for 8 years. The good part was my art improved dramatically, the bad news was art became a job and lost its appeal. After I left the field of commercial art, the idea of painting for the fun of it was something I wanted to try. I did find that all those years in sign painting did teach me unbelievable brush control that I never had before. So, the brushes came out of the closet and I began painting again.

What subject to start with? Why not Key West and HAWK, yea that sounds like a good idea.

One of the vivid memories of Charlie Battery was the view from the CWAR tower in the morning. As the morning sun came up over the horizion it painted the sky with the beautiful reds and oranges and cast hard shadows across the white coral. This one is titled "Charlie Battery Sunrise"

This weird one was inspired by my first visit to the abandoned tac site. I do not believe in ghost or the supernatural, but I could almost visualize some of the guys from 30 years ago. Still on guard duty, this one is titled, "Cold War Ghost"

Key West has changed so much it is hard to recognize much of the old places. But one spot seems to have dodged the tourist bullet. Geiger Key Marina is a step back into the 1970s. Located just around the bend from the Tac site is "Geiger Key Marina, the back side of paradise"

To be continued...

All paintings are watercolor and are 15" x 20"