Original Charlie Battery Site

Before the towers and cinderblock buildings on Geiger Key, before the 3 story army barracks on the Naval Air Station there was Charlie Battery on Saddle Bunch Key. Thanks to the info and pictures from Tom Lyons and Frank Ronkowski, those of us that came later, can appreciate the conditions the crews that paved the way for us, had to deal with.

Battery Commander Roberts (khakis) surveys the damaged to the flagpole after a heavy storm hit.

Ariel attack on public enemy #1...MOSQUITOS

SP5 Crandall, missile launcher mechanic, enjoys the sleeping arrangements

Tom Lyons in front of Battery mess hall, note the missile maintenance (A&S) tent in background

Tom Lyons with lobster taken from the coral, cooks prepared them on the weekend. In the background, like a scene from MASH is the squad tents.

Fugate & Fisher at the Viaduct

Ooops, someone is gona catch hell for this!

Parking Lot, barb wire on perimeter


Illuminator, tied down


Tom Lyons at launcher, Hwy 1 and up range squad tents in the background

My thanks to Tom Lyons for the pictures, you can e-mail him at tomflyons@direcway.com

Saddlebunch Key...Today

Saddlebunch Key was purchased from the Government in July 1989 by a private developer and construction began on a luxury RV resort.

from the point, bayside, looking back to US1

from US1, bayside, looking toward the point