Photographs by Keith Rensberger 2LT, C/1/65, 1972-1973, HHQ Bty (Bn S-2), 1/65, 1973-1974, Currently residing in Boulder CO. Pictured here is a loading exersize, 1973, B btry practicing loading TO&E equipment onto a C-5A at Key West Naval Air Station.

The exersize was to load a C-5A Galaxy with radars, jeeps, etc in simulation of an emergency deployment.  B Btry must have done it, because I took a shot of one of my contemporaries, 2LT Art Bachelder,  (smiling on the loading ramp).  They loaded up the equipment, tied it down, and then offloaded, until they had filled up however many planes-worth it took to haul a complete battery to the middle east or wherever.  Finally, the C-5 flew away, empty.  I went out to the end of the runway and took a last shot as it lifed off.  At that time, it was the largest plane in the world