Delta Battery

Delta Battery site as it appears in 2013

Location: Boca Chica
ARADCOM ID number: KW10

Delta Battery site was named the "Major Peter S. Knight HAWK missile site". The naming of all Key West HAWK missile sites, commemorated by a bronze plaque outside the ready building, were in honor of Key West citizens killed in Vietnam. Maj. Knight was killed near Binh Duong Provincec on August 25, 1966. He was born on July 21, 1935 and lived in Key West until he entered active duty in 1957. Maj Knight received the Silver Star posthumously.

The widow and children of MAJ Peter S. Knight at the dedication of Delta Battery in his name.

In December 2003, Chris Knight (the son in front looking at the photographer) visited this website and provided the following information: After the ready building was destroyed the dedication plaque was give to his grandmother, who gave it to his mother (the widow pictured above). The other son in the picture is Peter S. Knight, Jr. he is serving in the Navy and at that time stationed in California.

The Delta site is now the home of a NOAA doppler weather radar.

Most of the structures are still intact, except for the Ready Building. This site was used for special forces training. During one training mission, the Special Forces team were to enter the building and blow a padlock off of the arms room door (that big metal door in the hallway). Their explosive charges, blew out the windows, cracked two load bearing walls, blew the latrine wall out and raised the roof...but they never even blew off the padlock. The damaged building was removed because it was then a hazardous structure.

(Artist conception of the infamous "Seige of the ready building")

Jeff Barton sent this photo: "A picture of D-Btry circa 1977, the I-Hawk system was just delivered and being checked out by Raytheon and not on the towers yet.  The guy on Alpha HPIR is Harry Entrikin (last I herd of him he was on his way to D-Btry 2/71 in Korea).

Photos of Delta battery as it looks June 2003

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