Charlie Battery

Charlie Battery site as it appears in 2013

First Location: Naval Air Station, Boca Chica
Second Location: Bay Point, Saddlebunch Key
Present Location: Geiger Key
ARADCOM ID number: KW24

Charlie Battery site was named the "Florentino R. Roque HAWK missile site". The naming of all Key West HAWK missile sites, commemorated by a bronze plaque outside the ready building, were in honor of Key West citizens killed in Vietnam. Roque was killed near Ong Tauong Village on October 2, 1966. Roque was born in Key West in 1945 and lived there until he entered the Army in 1963.

The bronze dedication plaque that was in front of the Ready Building is now located at American Legion Post 28 on Stock Island.

The Charlie Battery site on Saddlebunch Key is now a luxury RV park under private development. Click on the picture above to visit the Original Charlie Battery HAWK site.

The Geiger Key location of Charlie Battery has been identified as part of the DOD Legacy Cold War Project. The purpose stated by the Department of Defense: "To establish and coordinate by Fiscal Year 1993 with other federal departments, agencies, and entities a project to inventory, protect, and conserve the physical and literary property and relics of the Department of Defense, in the United States and overseas, connected with the origins and the development of the Cold War, which are not already being carried out by other capable institutions or programs"

The report on the Geiger Key site reads as follows: "The Army built a HAWK missile site in Key West, Florida, as a link in the defensive perimeter it constructed during the Cold War. The anti-aircraft facility, unusual because it was built as a permanent installation, was intended to guard against attack from Cuba, 90 miles away. In 1979 it closed and, although the property continues to be maintained by the Naval Air Station, Boca Chica Field, to date no new use has been found for the facility. It sits abandoned, collecting rust and graffiti."

Charlie Battery gate - Then

Charlie Battery gate - Now



Launcher area - Then

Launcher area - Now

atop the berm in bravo battery looking toward CWAR

Launcher crewman running test on launcher

missile cans in front of generator building

Click the launcher to visit the original Charlie Battery Tac Site

Photos at the Charlie Battery Tac site
See photos of Charlie Battery alumni during the 1970's
35mm slides taken by Lt Ed Bayne
Photos of the Tac Site taken in May 2000
Photos of Tac Site in 1984

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