HAWK Alumni Roster


To download this list as a .pdf document, arranged in Alphabetical Order and by Units, CLICK HERE (think before you print it - so far it is 60 pages!)

Though we attempt to insure the correctness of the posting of all information as provided to us on this web site, the Web master does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information found here, and takes no responsibilities for loss or damages related to or arising from any use of the information found here. The information is intended for the personal use of individuals to contact and connect with other veterans. Commercial use of the information contained here is strictly prohibited.

To have your name added to the roster, fill out the form below and submit. This is a moderated list, and we must input the information manually. So the amount of time it takes to appear on the list will vary. If you are listed and you wish to be deleted or if there is a change in the information listed, send an email by CLICKING HERE explain what changes you want made.

The Alumi list is getting very large, so because of space constraints, please only submit your name, email address, the unit(s) you were in and what year(s) .

Your name

E-mail address

HAWK Units you served in (i.e.- C/6/65; HHB/7/2)

What years (total time in HAWK; i.e.- 1969-74)

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