Our scrapbook of a time long ago, but not forgotten. A time we formed friendships, that we discovered 30 years latter, have stood the test of time.

Looking towards the ROR & B HIPIR from the CWAR tower

From Alpha J-Box looking at the BCC area. On the towers are the ROR and B HIPIR

Looking down range from the Ready building. The generator shed, the PAR, ROR and B HIPIR

Bravo Launching section- J-Box and Launcers

By the time I got to Charlie Battery in 1969, the missiles had gone from the original white to O.D. I spent only a few weeks in the launcher section, before I was transfered to fire control to begin OJT as a 16E.

Geoff Gooley (Erie, PA) and I in the BCC

a VERY young me at the console.

Pulling a 'Daily' on the HIPIR early in the morning to begin another long day on the Tac site.

Keith Benson (Greely, CO) looking for me on A-HIPIR tower. I already finished and was putting off going in the BCC to pull my turn at watch.

Climbing the towers. This must have been after 5 oclock. Since there were no duty officers around, we didn't bother putting on those safety belts.

G.W. (Gary Rogers of Bellingham, WA) radar mechanic, trying to fix something I probably broke.

Keith Benson (on gate guard) and Jim Powell (Zanesville, OH) showing his usual respect for the Army....

In flight mechanic...